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August 23, 2011


Just got mine up and running (well, walking) today! Paid the money for a walking treadmill (uber quiet, highly adjustable speed up to 2 mph and very smooth) but heavy and pricey. I used my (former) desk, though - the "secretary" kind with a couple drawers either side and 14" legs - removed the legs and put the top portion of the desk on top of two, two-drawer filing cabinets either side, now spanning the treadmill. I still have my keyboard drawer though I find it easier to put the keyboard on top of the desk - and the whole assembly is stable enough to lean on if I want or feel the need. My biggest concern was the dizziness - I walked for only 1.5 hrs this morning (at 1 mph) and it was great...but I was REALLY dizzy when I stopped. I don't know why that is - my bp is low, I'd had breakfast so blood sugar was fine, plenty of water, etc. I'm guessing body thinks it's going somewhere even though the visual isn't and it has trouble getting back in sync when we "dismount." Think I'll put a chair next to it! Does this ever go away or is it just part of the process? I was surprised it was never mentioned in the YouTube videos. Congratulations on yours (albeit assembled a couple years ago now). Hope you still like it - and that I'll still like mine years down the road. I work from home - ALL DAY - and was WAY too sedentary...to the point of possible health issues. This is the perfect solution. ;)

Thanks so much for your note, Rochelle. Sounds like a great setup! Funny about the dizziness--I was just thinking the other day that I never noticed when it went away. I think it took a few weeks, but it definitely didn't persist, and I never feel it now. I imagine yours will subside, too. Good luck with the new mobility!

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