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June 22, 2006


How awesomely synchronous, I just caught it with Justin earlier tonight also. We shared our impressions after the film, but since I don't blog (yet at least) I can only link to his reaction ( http://justinsomnia.org/2006/06/an-inconvenient-truth/ ). The film was so sobering and motivating. I wonder if Gore would be the activist he is had he rightfully taken his presidential seat, but I digress.

...oh and congrats on the re-launch. It's an honor to be the debut commenter.

Mark, thanks for including the link to my post, and hello Sarah, welcome (back) to the blogosphere!

Hi there!
I also live in San Francisco, and just saw the movie yesterday. I have been wracking my brains trying to remember what was the device that Gore mentions that we will be hearing more about towards the end of the movie. Was it an emissions device? I think it was, but my boyfriend can't recall. Can anyone help me out here?


I find your spew as foolish as I find Al Bore. Keep the bullshit coming, we have to scare the general population as much as a Liberal can.

Don Clarke

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